Returns and cancelations

1. Order cancellation before shipment

The customer  can cancel the order without any addiotinal cost if they have not yet been processed. If the customer make an order and then want to cancel must, at first, check the status of your purchase throught the My Account menu at the mais site page. In case of the status of the order mention " Awaiting Payment" or "Accepted Payment" there is a possibility to be canceled.
However, the customer must contact our  customer service and ask for the cancellation of your purchase. Only after this procedure is possible our customer Service Department cancel the order. If request for cancellation is successful, the customer will be notified by email of this decision and cancellation will be processed with no cost to customer. In case of cancellation request be not possible the product will be shipped to the customer. 
In case of keep is intention to cancel the order, the customer should not accept them. However, the customer can proceed to return the order under the conditions listed below and returns rules.

2. Return defective products

The customer has the right to return the delivered products if checked that they have defects or other non-conformities about the products. The returns may be made within 15 days after receipt order. If you complain is justified, the price and shipping will be refunded.
For more information about who proceed to the return, please check the menu Delivery and Returns. 

3. Return withdrawal by products

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you ordered you can proceed with the return of the item within 15 day of receipt, provided that:

  • The product has not been washed and used;
  • The product still with is original features and the packing is not damaged (open containers carefully will not be considered damaged);
  • The product is complete;

You can not return:

  • Products wich have been used.


4. Returns offers

Currently is not possible that a person who received a product as a gift from someone else, can proceed with the return of the same.
In this case you need to contact the person who bought it in the sense that it carries out is return, according to the shipping and returns.

5- Products Exchange

Your satisfaction is very important to us in this way is allowed to exchange products.
If you want to ask another item you need to do another new order in the online store, in this case you gonna need to pay a new shipping costs.

6. Information about return

In case of return you need to have a justifying reason for exemple the existence of a defect or non-compliance with the ordered product, Bennie will support the costs of delivery and return. If your return has been made for other reasons than those existence of a defect or non-compliance of the ordered products, Bennie, will not refund the customers and the and the cost of shipping.
However, when making a return the customer need to use our transport provider.
How the costs incurred by Bennie to effect the return are the same to shipping costs. Bennie will not refund the costs os postage initially from the customer to the respective order.
Refund will be made based on the method of payment. If the customer pay by bank transfer is necessary the customer give the details of bank account to our customer support at the moment that started the return process. This information is important so that we can proceed to the refund for your bank account. The customer will be refunded after the products been returned and processed. For all additional informations about the return process and time of refund please check the information in our website.
Please read all the information and follow all instructions to avoid unnecessary delays.


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