Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery


1º- Delivery: Where and when?

We are shipping our products from Monday to Friday except bank holidays/natinal holidays. We only send the order if the  addres is in our countries list (You can check in our website).
The delivery is considered made and delivered with signing the delivery receipt at the  agreed address.

2º- Delivery Times

From 2 to 7 working days. In this case you have to confirme your order in 1 day until 12am and make a payment using paypal/credit card after this your  order will be deliver after  24h-72h from the payment.(weekends and holidays are not included). In case of make your payment by bank transfer, the delivery in not to efficient, because  we only do the delivery after we receive the payment in our bank account. With this can be between 5 to 7 days.
Bennie it's not responsible for non-compliance and delay in performance of any abligation that is due to a force majeure event, this is an event, act or omission beyond it's reasonable control (Force majeure Event- Wich includes any event, act or omission in beyond the reasonable control of the "seller"). 
We will try deliver in previst time that it is commercially reasonable usually allways will be proceed in this way, however, we can not guarantee timely delivery.

3º- Partial Deliveries

Whenever possible we will try send everything in one dispatch.
However we can do in two or more if the order is not available at that moment or if part of the order is behind time. In this case we will divide the order. The customer will be notified by e-mail.
For this purpose we gonna use the e-mail address provided by the customer at time of purchase.

4º- Inspection upon delivery

At the moment of delivery the customer need to check the packing and see if is everything right with the purchase.Is the customer verufy any demaged products, the customer need to complain about the delivery and not accept.
After the package will be returned to Bennie and we will refound the customer. Is important that the customer make the products delivered  in a 15-day period after receive the products, otherwise Bennie considers that the customer has accept the product(s) if is not been rejected by the customer within this period.


 Shipping charges


The shipping charge will be apllied per ordering. The price depend ont he country of delivery. 
For more details about the shipping price you need to check in our website all informations about deliveries menu and site returns.

2. Free shipping 

If the customer places an order whose value exceeds the minimum order amount set for your country or campaign, the shipment will be made for free.

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